A Bittersweet Cup of Excellence for El Salvador

Alliance of Coffee Excellence announced the results of El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence, with 22 winning coffees and 11 National Winner coffees, representing five processes and eight varieties.
by Fresh Cup Staff | July 8, 2020

Making the Most of Our Partnerships to Origin

Four pillars for strengthening relationships with our partners in coffee-producing countries.
by Michael Kaiser | February 15, 2017

El Salvador in Wisconsin

World Barista Champion Alejandro Mendez's path to Wisconsin began more than twenty years ago.
by Kristine Hansen | September 6, 2016

Experiments with Tradition

In El Salvador, tradition battles roya, and direct trade empowers.
by Jimmy Sherfey | May 27, 2014

Stepping Up the Conversation

How to get consumers interested in the seed-to-cup story.
by Marcus Young | January 19, 2014