Do You Know Bill Lombardo?

Trend forecasting & innovative uses for flavorings—our interview with Monin CEO Bill Lombardo.
by Ellie Bradley | March 14, 2017

New Service Models in Specialty Coffee

Moving away from register-first service.
by Michael Butterworth | March 13, 2017

Reports from Ethiopia—Part Nine

Emily McIntyre reflects on her time in Ethiopia as she settles back into life in the US.
by Emily McIntyre | March 11, 2017

Battle’s Tea Encyclopaedia

An all-encompassing guide of how and where tea is grown, prepared, and consumed.
by Chris Lucia | March 9, 2017

Royal Cup’s Clean Water Efforts

Royal Cup donates over $28,000 through a partnership to increase availability of clean drinking water.
by Ellie Bradley | March 9, 2017

Coloring Outside the Lines

Adult coloring books are all the rage; now they're finding a home in cafés.
by Susan Johnston Taylor | March 8, 2017

Café Outfitter: Cream and Sugar?

Help your customers step up their cream-and-sugar game with these sweet and creamy add-ins. No hard-to-pronounce ingredients here.
by Chris Lucia | March 7, 2017

Reports from Ethiopia—Part Eight

The final installment of Emily McIntyre's reports from the field. This time: cupping at origin.
by Emily McIntyre | March 3, 2017

Pecan Hill Coffee

Roy Mediate put a spin on traditional retirement by opening a coffee roastery.
by Leora Legacy | March 3, 2017