Editorial Policy

At Fresh Cup, we believe that the greater coffee industry is in desperate need for a rebalancing of value that will require meaningful change in how we manage our teams, pay employees, market and sell to customers, source coffee, and build businesses.

Our editorial mission, therefore, is to equip readers with the skills, insights, and inspiration to build and lead better businesses that create more shared value for everyone.

Editorial Values

Fresh Cup is primarily a trade publication for business owners and professionals working in retail settings, namely coffee shops, roasters, and other settings where coffee is served and sold.

We create content and write stories shaped by thought leadership and practical application, alongside an underlying optimism that the coffee industry can operate more sustainably and equitable, and a curiosity about how to get there.

Sponsored Content

Fresh Cup publishes sponsored content in two ways: (1) custom sponsored content and (2) long-term sponsored series. This enables value-aligned businesses to support Fresh Cup journalism while promoting their products and services in natural, non-aggressive ways.

No matter how sponsored content is conceptualized and written, sponsored content will never be at odds with our values. We apply the same standards of high-quality journalism to this type of content.

All sponsored articles are clearly identified at the top of each article. This transparency is vital to maintain trust between Fresh Cup, our sponsors, and our readers.

Product Reviews

In our product reviews, we provide comprehensive looks at some of the coffee world’s most popular brewing devices, gadgets, and new toys—our goal is to give straightforward, yet exhaustive, reviews applicable to coffee novices and experts alike.

We independently select, test, and review products. We never offer favors or mince words when reviewing or writing about a Fresh Cup sponsor’s product.