Three Cafe Owners Share Their Top Metrics for Growth

Identifying which key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to track can be the difference between getting by versus growing and thriving. 
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Using Service Training to Empower Baristas

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Training For Efficiency Starts From the Ground Up

Efficiency is the main ingredient to a thriving cafe—yet also one of the most challenging concepts to teach. Here’s how to start incorporating efficient practices and teaching them to your staff. 
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How to Write a Great Barista Job Description (Examples + Template)

From scant descriptions to full-length novels, barista job postings can vary wildly. Here's what every job description should include, along with a free downloadable template.
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Is a Living Wage Valuable—Or Even Viable For The Coffee Industry?

The discourse around the United States federal minimum wage has fueled debate for nearly a hundred years. But many coffee workers are calling for more than the minimum and seeking a living wage for…
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What You Need to Know About Common Café Injuries

How cafés can protect their baristas and prevent workplace injuries.
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Hiring Good Managers: How To Empower Your Staff and Learn To Step Away

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5 Ways to Create a Safer & More Productive Café Space

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