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The reimagined Fresh Cup reflects our transition to an online-first magazine and our optimism for a better coffee future.
by Garrett Oden | December 1, 2022

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Stop Scrolling: Five Tips to Build Your Instagram Following

Most coffee businesses rely on social media—particularly Instagram—to communicate with customers. Here’s everything you need to know to be successful on the ‘gram.
by RJ Joseph | November 30, 2022

Coffee News Club: Week of November 28th

Topsy-turvy coffee predictions from Brazil, a survey to promote wage transparency, and Starbucks continues closing unionized stores.  Here’s a roundup of this week’s biggest coffee headlines.  ‘Brazil Farmers, Agronomists Downgrade 2023 Coffee Crop Expectations’…
by Fionn Pooler | November 28, 2022

New Names, Same Faces: Genetic Accuracy for Yemeni Coffee

In Yemen, coffee varieties are often referred to by colloquial names, which are often inaccurate and don’t reflect real varieties. But a new study is giving farmers more definitive names and greater access to…
by Valorie Clark | November 23, 2022

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Retail & Commerce Articles

Stay Moving: The Best Products To Serve For Coffee Carts, Trucks, and Caterers

Reading the Signs: How To Use Signage Effectively In Your Café

Night Light, Night Bright: The Incredible Annual Light Show at Mozart’s Coffee

Beyond “Wish-Cycling”: Kin Coffee Aims for a Zero-Waste Future

Don’t Call it a Comeback: Pour Overs Reclaim Prominence in Specialty Coffee Shops 

Pricing Your Café Menu for Profitability

Popular Articles

Unique Selling Points — How 18 Cafés Create Distinct Customer Experiences

18 cafés from around the world serving up a unique experience for their customers.
by Jessica Natale Woollard | April 19, 2022

Tea Latte Esteem: Why Tea Lattes Might Be The Next Great Coffee Drink

Tea lattes can offer a primer into more complex flavors.
by Emily McIntyre | November 1, 2022

Cold Coffee for a New Cohort: What Chamberlain Coffee Says About Gen Z Coffee Drinkers

In 2021, three out of every four drinks sold at Starbucks was cold. Many of the dramatic changes in coffee consumption come from the newest generation of coffee drinkers: Gen Z.
by Sasha Weilbaker | August 3, 2022

Recent News

Take The Coffee Wage Survey With GoFundBean

by Ashley Rodriguez | November 22, 2022

Coffee News Club: Week of November 21st

by Fionn Pooler | November 21, 2022

Coffee News Club: Week of November 14th

by Fionn Pooler | November 14, 2022

Coffee News Club: Week of November 7th

by Fionn Pooler | November 7, 2022

Coffee & Tea Articles

A Tough Tea Market by the Numbers: Insights From the 2022 North American Tea Conference

Cola Beware: The New Wave of Soda

Farm-to-Table: On Locally-Grown Tea

A New Kind of Mocha: On Specialty Chocolate Producers

Waste No More: Cleaning Up After Coffee

Taiwan’s Influence on Tea Trends

Origin & Trade Articles

Contemporary Indonesian Specialty Coffee: A Chat with Three Coffee Processors

The world of Indonesian coffee has changed a lot over the past five years. Here are three coffee processors discussing the highlights and challenges of Indonesian coffee production.
by Mikey Rinaldo | November 11, 2022

South African Rooibos Tea Corporations Hand Over $700k to Indigenous Groups: Why Is This Important?

Rooibos, indigenous to South Africa, is a caffeine-free tea staple in many cafes, and a new deal will honor the original knowledge holders of the plant.
by Nyasha Bhobo | November 9, 2022

Back to Nature: On The Georgian Tea Revival

The Caucasus region does not typically come to mind when thinking of tea origin, but the country of Georgia has been producing tea since the early 19th century—and is making a comeback.
by Sarah May Grunwald | September 29, 2022

Industry Articles

Every CUP Has A Story To Tell

How Coffee Uplifts People is narrating a new tale for the coffee industry.
by Fiona McKinson | October 12, 2022

Pouring Into the Other’s Cup: How One Latte Art Competition is Redefining Community

Back in my days as a barista, I was thrilled to close shop with my “work besties.” A work bestie is defined as: a co-worker who shares a wicked sense of humor complimentary tastes…
by Casey Chartier-Vignapiano | June 7, 2022

The Five Tools We Loved at the 2022 Specialty Coffee Expo

The Specialty Coffee Association Expo floor was full of new gadgets and tools: here are some of our favorites.
by Sierra Yeo | April 26, 2022