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Coffee News Club: Week of March 27th

Walkouts, “shelved” sustainability plans, and losing 36 minutes of sleep. Here’s the news for the week of March 27th.
by Fionn Pooler | March 27, 2023

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Beyond Cold Brew: Elevating Your Cold Coffee Menu

From iced lattes to frozen drinks, café customers can’t get enough cold coffee. Find out how cafés can tap into the growing demand with a diverse cold drink menu.
by Haley Greene | March 24, 2023

The Cup In Hand: How Shape and Design Affect Coffee Drinking

The shape, weight, and feel of a cup can have a significant impact on the way you experience the flavor of coffee.
by Mikey Rinaldo | March 22, 2023

Coffee News Club: Week of March 20th

Young doctors being pitted against coffee pros was probably not on your 2023 news forecast. Here’s the news for the week of March 20th.
by Fionn Pooler | March 20, 2023

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Retail & Commerce Articles

How Modest Coffee Lost $250K On A Distributor Order, Then Made It All Back Again

From City to Small Town: How to Find the Ideal Location for Your Café

Should You Roast Coffee?

Using Service Training to Empower Baristas

Sit & Sip: Why A Café Might Be The Perfect Addition to Your Bookstore

Make The Most of Everything: Resourceful Café Build-Outs

Trending Articles

What is Cascara? An Overview of Coffee Cherry Tea

by Brenna Ciummo | May 20, 2014

Unique Selling Points — How 18 Cafés Create Distinct Customer Experiences

by Jessica Natale Woollard | April 19, 2022

Coffee News Club: Week of March 6th

by Fionn Pooler | March 6, 2023

Coffee News Club: Week of February 20th

by Fionn Pooler | February 20, 2023

Coffee & Tea Articles

The Challenges of Coffee Certifications Go Beyond The Retail Shelf

Let’s Talk About Coffee Certifications

Green Tea Inspiration: Five Green Tea–Infused Recipes

Sweet Companions: Creating The Perfect Coffee and Cheese Pairing

Coffee Waste or Product Potential?

Grinding for a Purpose: Everything You Need To Know To Pick The Right Grinder

Origin & Trade Articles

Can Liberica Change The Way We Grow Coffee?

Once cultivated in the 19th century to battle coffee leaf rust, liberica, a nearly forgotten coffee species—and its new subvariety, excelsa—may be the answer to the looming threat of climate change.
by Fionn Pooler | February 1, 2023

Good Genes: Genetic Diversity And The Future of Coffee

How the industry is looking to genetic resource conservation to help preserve coffee.
by Chris Ryan | January 12, 2023

New Names, Same Faces: Genetic Accuracy for Yemeni Coffee

In Yemen, coffee varieties are often referred to by colloquial names, which are often inaccurate and don’t reflect real varieties. But a new study is giving farmers more definitive names and greater access to…
by Valorie Clark | November 23, 2022

Industry Articles

Fresh Reads: A Conversation With Edward Fischer of Making Better Coffee

We talk to the anthropology professor about his latest book, which explores the history of coffee in Guatemala to dissect how value is determined and created.
by Ashley Rodriguez | March 17, 2023

Five Pieces We Want To See At “Italian Passion: The Art of Espresso”

Number three might be our favorite—the Copenhagen-based exhibit showcases the evolution of classic coffee equipment.
by Bailey Spear | March 16, 2023

Fresh Finds: The Stagg EKG Pro Studio

We got our hands on the Pro Studio from Fellow, and here’s what we think. 
by Ashley Rodriguez | March 3, 2023