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This Cafe is Loosely Inspired by a Real Movie

At first glance, Guilder may seem like any other coffee shop. When guests enter the cafe in the Alameda-Irvington neighborhood in northeast Portland, they’ll likely first notice the abundant natural light. Green vines cascade over the…
by Haley Greene | September 22, 2023

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What’s the Deal with Mushroom Coffee?

Many brands are launching new products pairing mushrooms and coffee. A look at science and history reveals what’s driving this pairing.
by Leah Bowman | September 20, 2023

The Cafe Business Expo Brings Coffee Professionals to London In October

The Cafe Business Expo in London runs from October 10th through 11th. Here’s what you need to know about the event.
by Garrett Oden | September 19, 2023

Coffee News Club: Week of September 18th

More uses for coffee waste, a turbulent coffee forecast, and hone your coffee skills with the SCA’s revamped diploma program.  ‘2023 Coffee Barometer Shows Growing Pressure for Sustainable Coffee’ – via Daily Coffee News The…
by Fionn Pooler | September 18, 2023

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“We’re Selling Coffee In Walmart, Staying Hyper-Local”: How Belleair Coffee Is Growing Without Losing Its Spirit

Navigating the New Rules of Instagram

Are Branded Coffee Cups Worth The Higher Cost?

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What is Cascara? An Overview of Coffee Cherry Tea

by Brenna Ciummo | May 20, 2014

Survey Results: Six Recurring Themes On Coffee Business Owner Challenges

by Garrett Oden | September 15, 2023

Survey Results: What Do The Highest-Paid Coffee Business Owners Have In Common?

by Garrett Oden | September 14, 2023

Experts Share Emerging Coffee Industry Trends Of 2023

by Garrett Oden | April 12, 2023

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Opening and Closing Checklists

An editable template for opening and closing checklists designed for coffee shops.

Employee Handbook Template for Coffee Shops

A guided template for an employee handbook for coffee shops.

Coffee & Tea Articles

At Kobrick, Serving Coffee By Day and Cocktails By Night

How Coffee Shops Are Breaking The Rules To Create Signature Drinks

Taking Community Support to the Coffee Shop

What You Need to Know About Barista Certification Programs 

How A 1900’s Schoolhouse Became A Community-Focused Coffee Shop

Making Room For Specialty Coffee In France

Origin & Trade Articles

A New Chapter for Taza Presidencial, A Bolivian-Born Coffee Quality Competition

Quality-focused competitions have fueled coffee improvements in Bolivia. But when government funding ran out for Taza Presidencial, local coffee professionals made sure the competition stayed alive.
by Sandra Elisa Loofbourow | September 8, 2023

Direct Trade via Direct Message: How Instagram is Facilitating a New Kind of Coffee Connection

One morning in 2022, I walked into work to find an envelope of green coffee samples from a source I wasn’t familiar with. My boss told me they came from a Costa Rican coffee…
by Fionn Pooler | August 30, 2023

A Look at the Future of Fine Robusta Through Vietnamese Specialty Coffee

For years, Robusta has gotten a bad rep, but people are beginning to reconsider its potential. Vietnam may already have the blueprint for the future of Robusta.
by Mikey Rinaldo | August 11, 2023

Industry Articles

What’s Up With Cold Foam?

Cold foam has found its way on nearly every specialty coffee menu. But is cold foam simply a fad, or is it indicative of a much larger shift in how we drink coffee?
by Valorie Clark | August 25, 2023

Is Electric Roasting Here to Stay?

Electric coffee roasters have made a splash in the specialty coffee industry thanks to their lower carbon footprint and easy-to-use interfaces. But are they a passing trend, or do they offer a novel, potentially…
by Chloé Skye Weiser | August 16, 2023

Op-ed: How Can We Grow Coffee’s Middle Class when Farmers and Baristas are Underpaid?

If we imagine a future where coffee remains viable, then we must work to ensure that all participants earn livable wages and grow the industry’s middle class.
by Jim Ngokwey | August 9, 2023