Creating Accessibility in Cafés

Welcome and include everyone into your café through accessible design and navigation.
by Vilissa Thompson, LMSW | December 6, 2022

Pricing Your Café Menu for Profitability

Setting prices for your menu doesn’t have to be guesswork. Here’s what to consider when calculating how to price menu items in a café.
by Haley Greene | October 28, 2022

Fund It: How To Navigate Small Business Financing for Your Café

A café owner's guide to debt and equity financing.
by Samantha Novick | July 26, 2022

Hiring Good Managers: How To Empower Your Staff and Learn To Step Away

Identifying, training, and empowering a potential manager is vital to the health of your café.
by Kerry Miller | May 2, 2022

Crunching the Numbers — Creating a Budget That Works For You

Five entrepreneurs share their best financial practices.
by Janae Easlon | April 25, 2022

Coffee Marketing, Part 3: Building Out Your Coffee Brand

Achieve success with your new coffee business by intentionally creating your brand.
by Emily McIntyre | December 21, 2020

Coffee Marketing, Part 2

Emily McIntyre of Catalyst Coffee Consulting continues her Coffee Marketing series with Part 2: More Offers = More Sales
by Emily McIntyre | December 14, 2020

Coffee Marketing, Part 1

After more than a decade selling coffee, Emily McIntyre is teaching others how to do it for themselves. In May of 2020, she created a simple system to sell coffee: “5 Steps to Actually…
by Emily McIntyre | December 14, 2020

Support Black Lives Matter

Support Black Lives Matter
by Fresh Cup Staff | June 3, 2020

Accessibility at Trade Shows

For all their many benefits, trade shows can be difficult for attendees and organizers alike.
by Michael Ryan | March 11, 2020