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To Our Readers,

Fresh Cup Magazine stands in solidarity with the Black community, Black Lives Matter, and those protesting the tragic murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless others who have lost their lives to racist violence and police brutality. 

We add our voice to the voices calling for equality and inclusion. It is time to reject hate and create a world filled with justice, kindness, and equality. 

Fresh Cup is dedicated to being on the pulse of the coffee and tea industry and informing and supporting our readers of all backgrounds. Recognizing and acknowledging that our staff and many of our writers are white, and the privileges that come with it, we are committing ourselves to do more to amplify the Black voices in our industry, educate ourselves on allyship, and fight against the structures that have allowed for systemic racism to consume us.

Join us now in taking action to support our Black businesses and communities. We encourage everyone in our reach to donate to organizations fighting oppression and advocating for social and racial justice, and will continue to share resources on our website and social media.

Let’s do better together. 

The Fresh Cup Staff


  • Sign petitions to demand justice for the victims of police brutality
  • Contact your local officials to demand an end to police brutality
  • Amplify Black voices and voices of relief efforts
  • Support and listen to your BIPOC employees
  • Register to vote

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