To our incredible readers,

During unsettling times, it is more important than ever to lift each other up and be supportive of one another. The Fresh Cup staff wants to express how grateful we have been for all of you these past 28 years.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce we are suspending our operations. Our November/December 2020 issue will be our last.

We are excited to share it with you, and we thank all of our writers, advertisers, and sources who made it possible.

Our website will be updated through the end of the year with new content. Each month until the new year we’ll be sending out a monthly recap of our fresh digital stories to our newsletter subscribers.

For questions, concerns, comments, or any farewell wishes, please feel free to reach out to our publisher, Jan Weigel, at, and she will make sure all messages get to the appropriate recipient.

While our hearts are heavy right now after years in this industry, our love is with the tea and coffee community always. Thank you for a wonderful journey.

The Fresh Cup Staff