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Since the unification of the SCAA and SCAE to create the Specialty Coffee Association in 2016/2017, talks of combining the organization’s two barista guilds, the Barista Guild of America and the Barista Guild of Europe, have been underway. The two organizations officially become one in December, as the newly unified, global Barista Guild. The last two-plus years have been filled with paperwork, and both guilds working to create a unified set of bylaws. The unification was made official when both organizations approved the new Barista Guild Leadership Council:

  • Sarah Leslie of Leslie Coffee Co., Past Chair
  • Stuart Ritson of Cafe Imports, Chair
  • Jessie May Peters of Raw Material, Vice Chair
  • Gabe Smentek of Onyx Coffee Lab, Marketing and Communications
  • Bartosz Ciepaj of Harrods, Membership Engagement
  • Silvia Constantin of Barista School Romania and Coffee Break Magazine, Events
  • Davide Cobelli of Coffee Training Academy, Events
  • Kathie Hilberg of Stumptown Coffee Roasters LA, Membership Engagement
  • Mark Hundley of Bolt Coffee, Events
  • Bailey Arnold of Gregorys Coffee, Community/Outreach  

Updates and the latest news will be posted to the organization’s new website,, and social media accounts ­on  Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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