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[T]he team at Golden Bean North America is excited to announce the official opening for entries and conference attendees. This year the event is moving east from Portland, Oregon, to Nashville, Tennessee.

Last year, Golden Bean saw record numbers of entries as well as high attendance at the event by roasters from all over North America. This year, event organizers expect around 1,500 entries and more than 200 hundred coffee professionals to attend.

Golden Bean North America will be held September 11–14 at the Cambria Hotel in downtown Nashville. Delegates who attend the event will be judging entered coffees and can participate in industry-specific workshops, as well as all social evenings throughout the week and the awards ceremony on Saturday night. This year, the award night is themed Country and Western.

Golden Bean now offers 11 coffee categories, with Automatic Espresso the newest addition. Organizers are working closely on this new project with Rancilio, who has introduced the Egro Next Pure fully automatic espresso machine, which has become a popular choice in food service businesses that require high-quality coffee delivery in skilled limited locations.

This year, the Green Bean Zone will see more green bean coffee companies attending Golden Bean than ever before. Green bean suppliers have seen major opportunities with the Green Bean Zone, as it’s a major sales initiative and networking opportunity for them, with hundreds of coffee roasters all in one location. Coffee producers who attend the event can also establish direct market sales.

Golden Bean North America officially welcomes this year’s entrants and wishes them all good luck with their submission. The Golden Bean website has all the entry details to make the step-by-step entry process easy and seamless. All technical information regarding the judging process is outlined in the entry information.

To learn more about Golden Bean North America, and to register to attend, visit

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