Coffee for Peace in Colombia Launches “Virtual Buyers Caravan”


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Coffee for Peace created an innovative way to connect buyers with Colombia coffee-growing organizations with its new Virtual Buyers Caravan, an online event from Tuesday, August 11, to Friday, August 14.

Coffee buyers can register for free by Wednesday, July 22. Afterward, participants will be sent samples of green and roasted coffee.

The event will showcase growers from Cauca and Valle del Cauca. According to Coffee of Peace, “Over the four days, coffee buyers will engage in 90-minute virtual visits to four producer organizations from areas where Coffee for Peace operates, all of which are historic violent zones in Colombia. Participants will take part in interactive cupping sessions and learn about the culture and practices that make each group unique.”

“While there is no substitute for stepping foot on a coffee farm, technology has improved so dramatically in recent years that it really is possible to visit coffee-producing communities, engage with producer groups, and develop long-term relationships without having to board a plane,” says David Pohl, who consults with the USAID Producers to Market Alliance Coffee for Peace initiative.

Coffee for Peace is an alliance between coffee farmers in Colombia and market allies. Learn more about its mission here.

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