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[C]old brew coffee is in high demand. At quick service restaurants alone, menu mentions of cold brew have grown 883% in the past four years. Coffee drinkers can’t get enough of this smooth, less bitter alternative to iced coffee. In fact, 43% of iced coffee drinkers now prefer cold brew.

But cold brew coffee comes with challenges. The brewing process is time-intensive and takes up valuable space. What if there was an alternative to mixing up a large drum of grounds and water that takes up back-of-house space? Luckily there is, and it’s DaVinci Gourmet® Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.

Fast & Easy Prep

Preparing cold brew coffee no longer means messy prep or calculating how much of what you make will sell before going bad. With DaVinci Gourmet Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, you can craft rich, smooth cold brew coffee in minutes every time and whenever you need it—no waiting required. Just add water, pour over ice, and serve. Running out of cold brew is never an issue. Rather than turning away customers until more cold brew is ready the following morning, just dilute more coffee concentrate. Whatever you make that doesn’t sell is safe to store and serve for 48 hours.

Rich Flavor

A good cup of coffee comes down to the beans. The ideal flavor and caffeine content of DaVinci Gourmet Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate comes from 100% Arabica beans. This medium roast Brazilian and Colombian blend is refreshing and smooth yet complex. DaVinci Gourmet’s proprietary extraction process yields superior flavor and aroma. The taste of DaVinci Gourmet Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate was the best liked among survey participants who sampled it against blends from two national leading operations. Sourcing, roasting, blending, extracting, and aseptic packaging are all controlled by DaVinci Gourmet’s coffee aficionados—which ensures you’re serving great coffee every time and anytime.

Robust Returns

While menuing cold brew itself is a profitable move, using Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate maximizes profits even more. One 32-ounce carton yields two gallons of cold brew coffee, or enough for 25 perfectly consistent 16-ounce cold brew coffees (using 10 ounces of the prepared concentrate and 6 ounces of ice). Sell five of these coffees daily at $3.49 apiece and your bottom line is $300 richer by the end of the month. Don’t believe us? Calculate the profits for yourself.

Reap the benefits of shelf-stable, preservative-free cold brew that minimizes prep and turns your café, coffee shop, or restaurant into a no-wait nonstop cold brew hot spot. Experience the difference by getting started with a free case .

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