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[F]ollowing the resignation of David Sievers after allegations of sexual harassment, Orlando-based Foxtail Coffee Co. recently announced a new COO. The rapidly expanding coffee chain has brought on John Hufferd, who comes from barbecue joint 4 Rivers Smokehouse, another celebrated local brand.

John Hufferd, new COO at Foxtail Coffee Co.

“We have long admired the success story of 4 Rivers and Huff’s work there,” says Alex Tchekmeian, Foxtail’s co-founder. “As we continue to grow, we recognize the value of a strong operational leader, and we look forward to where he is going to help take the Foxtail brand.”

In his new position, Hufferd will help guide and strengthen Foxtail’s growth, build relationships in the community, and create enriching experiences for employees, including an employee volunteering day and other staff development opportunities.

“With Foxtail, it’s really all about building on the foundation that has already been set,” says Hufferd. “The brand is growing fast, and I look forward to bringing my skillset to continue that and make the company even better for our Central Florida community.”

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