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In its second edition, the Los Angeles Coffee Festival brought crowds of passionate industry professionals, veterans and newcomers alike, and dedicated, curious consumers to the halls of Magic Box @ The Reef in downtown L.A. this past weekend.

Among the many companies and products exhibiting at the festival were alternative milk brands, RTD tea sodas, espresso machine companies, and chocolatiers. Of note from the previous year was an increase in the number of food companies catering to customers’ changing dietary needs, from food allergy consultants to keto-friendly snacks.

Espresso martinis

In between the countless coffee, tea, and food samples were presentations and panels held at “The Lab,” where industry professionals discussed topics ranging from water quality and café design to plant-based milks and craft coffee cocktails. In the neighboring “Tasting Lab,” importers, roasters, and manufacturers held samplings and cuppings of not only coffee and tea, but spices, cookies, and syrups.


Adding to the weekend’s entertainment were psychic readings, a music stage, a coffee cocktail bar, cooking demonstrations, and latte art throwdowns. Over the three days, attendees of the Los Angeles Coffee Festival were privy to the latest and greatest in coffee and tea, and Fresh Cup looks forward to seeing this event continue to grow in the coming years.

Latte Art at the 2019 Los Angeles Coffee Festival
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