Obsessed with Specialty Coffee and Gummy Candy? These Were Made Just for You.


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[T]wo ultra-chic California brands have joined forces to bring the world something we never realized we were missing—coffee-infused gummy bears. Luxury candy maker Sugarfina partnered with specialty roaster retailer Alfred to create the world’s first caffeinated coffee gummy bears. The groundbreaking line features three flavors: Cold Brew Bears, Iced Vanilla Latte Bears (using almond milk, because they’re going for accuracy here), and Bourbon Cold Brew Bears. Each 3.5-oz. serving contains 30–60 mg of caffeine, roughly the equivalent of a half to a full espresso shot. All of the flavors are available in 3.5-oz. mini cups that comes with a bear patterned coffee sleeve at $7 each, a 12-oz. bag at $14 each, or a themed “But First, Coffee” reusable tumbler that comes filled with 9.5 ounces of your preferred gummy flavor at $25 each. The collaborative line is available at select retail stores nationwide, but can be ordered online from the Sugarfina and Alfred websites.

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