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Bike OnCupHolder

Just in time for Spring, Stockholm-based Bookman, specialists in bicycle accessories, released the Bookman Cup Holder, a must-have for two-wheeled coffee and tea imbibers. The cup holder’s spring steel construction makes it easy to attach to your bike, for hours of beverage-friendly cycling.

ShakerShaken, Not Stirred

Keeping a durable cocktail shaker on staff is always a smart move. Whether mixing up a classic shakerato—an Italian drink of espresso, simple syrup, and ice, shaken—or giving cold tea lattes a frothy advantage, having one more option for barista mixology is worth the price of this simple tool. OXO’s sixteen-ounce stainless steel version includes a soft grip for a slip-free shake.

Finnish FineryTeemaTeapot

One of our favorite houseware designers, Iittala, proves that the Swedes don’t have a monopoly on Nordic design. Finland’s Ittala features designs from postwar cookware right up to ultra-modern glasses. Designed in 1952, the Teema teapot would be at home on unfinished woods or stainless steel.

JarHandleSip in Style

Customize drinking in true, handcrafted, Pacific Northwest fashion. Steel Leaf Design’s durable, stainless steel and leather Stil Handles fit easily around most mason jars, but come fitted to a classic, wide-mouth Ball. Customize text for free. The handled jars make excellent barista training rewards (your staff will appreciate a monogrammed vessel), and the industrial-meets-organic design (bearing your café’s handle) looks great on a shelf. Carabiner and bike-chain styles also available.

Big IceKingCubes

Add instant class and visual pop to iced drinks with this silicone ice tray. Specialty ice trays have been fixtures of high-end cocktail bars for years, and not just for the theatrics. Tovolo’s King Cubes melt slow, cooling a cold-brew coffee but not watering it down.

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