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World Poetry Day

(Photo: J.R. Taylor)

[C]affeine (and stereotypically, alcohol) has fueled poets for centuries. Today, on World Poetry Day, Viennese coffee roaster Julius Meinl makes that inspiration official. World Poetry Day is a global celebration that, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), seeks to “support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and to offer endangered languages the opportunity to be heard within their communities.” To celebrate, Julius Meinl is bringing back their “Pay with a Poem” initiative for the fourth year running.

World Poetry Day
(Photo: courtesy of Julius Meinl)

Cafés around the world will be participating by encouraging customers to pay for their caffeination with a handwritten poem. Last year, almost 100,000 coffees were paid for with poetry, and this year Julius Meinl hopes to beat that number. Thirty-four countries are participating, including first-timers the Netherlands and Singapore.

Popular establishments including St. James Theatre (Auckland, New Zealand), Beaufort House Members Club (London, England), Manna Dew (London, England), and The Pearson Room (London, England) will be participating, as well as many others. To find out more about “Pay with a Poem,” visit Julius Meinl’s Facebook page, and website.

Is your café participating in “Pay with a Poem” or any other World Poetry Day initiatives? Tweet at us @FreshCupMag to let us know!

World Poetry Day
(Photo: J.R. Taylor)

Rachel Sandstrom Morrison is Fresh Cup’s associate editor.

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