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“We are Peaks. Built in the valleys.”

So goes the mantra behind Peaks Coffee Co. in Syracuse, New York. Founders Sam and Kelsey Bender met while Kelsey worked as a barista at Starbucks and Sam was a nursing student who studied there. As the couple fell in love over coffee, they also connected over their mutual experiences with anxiety and depression. Peaks was born out of a shared desire to build a space that welcomes all, celebrates with community during the peaks in life, and endures the valleys with them as well.

Peaks Coffee Co. first opened on October 3, 2015, with a small retail location in Nelson, New York, where they began roasting nearly 200 pounds of coffee for wholesale a day. The Benders recently moved their shop into a new space in Syracuse last week, with a continued focus on creating open conversations around mental health. The new location features a small seasonal menu that includes biscuits and jam, avocado toasts, a breakfast burrito, and a turkey and pear panini. A grand opening party will be scheduled for this spring.

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