PepsiCo Launches Reusable Packaging Pilot Program


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[P]arisians now have the option of ordering their morning orange juice and bowl of cereal with a side of sustainability. PepsiCo launched a market trial of its partner, circular shopping platform Loop, in Paris last week featuring two morning favorites popular in the city, Tropicana Orange and Quaker Cruesli Chocolat Noir. Consumers in the metro area can now place orders for the items on the Loop website, have them delivered to their door, and return the containers to be cleaned for reuse.

In a statement released by PepsiCo, Brudo Thevenin, general manager of PepsiCo France, said, “During the trial, we hope to gain valuable insights into how consumers adopt Loop and to understand what is needed to make this a long-term and mainstream solution that could help reduce packaging waste and make a meaningful change in how people interact with our products.”

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