FRINJ Coffee Expands Regenerative Agriculture Research

FRINJ Coffee is working with the Gaviota Coast Conservancy and White Buffalo Land Trust for research efforts into how to incorporate regenerative agriculture farming practices in coffee crops. 
by Fresh Cup Staff | September 2, 2020

Nespresso Introduces KAHAWA ya CONGO

Nespresso launched “KAHAWA ya CONGO,” the newest and first USDA-certified organic coffee within Reviving Origins, the company’s global farming communities program.
by Fresh Cup Staff | August 19, 2020

Costa Rica, Part 3: Innovating Together

Costa Rica coffee buyers and suppliers can work together around supply and demand to help move the coffee industry forward.
by Perry Czopp | November 19, 2018

Costa Rica, Part 2: Harvest Report 2017-18

Harvest is a hopeful time of transition for coffee farmers and their families. Writer Perry Czopp and photographer Cheyanne Paredes capture the sights and sentiments from the 2017-18 coffee harvest in Costa Rica.
by Perry Czopp | July 17, 2018

Making the Most of Our Partnerships to Origin

Four pillars for strengthening relationships with our partners in coffee-producing countries.
by Michael Kaiser | February 15, 2017