Nespresso Introduces KAHAWA ya CONGO

Nespresso launched “KAHAWA ya CONGO,” the newest and first USDA-certified organic coffee within Reviving Origins, the company’s global farming communities program.
by Fresh Cup Staff | August 19, 2020

Preparing for First-Ever Coffee Harvest in San Diego County

Oceanside, California, farmers are preparing for the region’s first-ever coffee harvest, which could eventually fetch prices of hundreds of dollars per pound.
by Fresh Cup Staff | March 7, 2019

Stories of Origin Proves Insightful to Portland Coffee Community

Specialty coffee is preparing for a swift change. As the industry looks toward its environmental and humanitarian impact, the current economic sphere has many coffee professionals questioning the industry’s foundational methods of production and…
by Mykel Vernon-Sembach | December 19, 2018

Costa Rica, Part 2: Harvest Report 2017-18

Harvest is a hopeful time of transition for coffee farmers and their families. Writer Perry Czopp and photographer Cheyanne Paredes capture the sights and sentiments from the 2017-18 coffee harvest in Costa Rica.
by Perry Czopp | July 17, 2018

Costa Rica: Coffee Tourism (Part One)

Exploring Costa Rica’s coffee community through a variety of lenses.
by Perry Czopp | September 18, 2017

Connected to Origin

Technology’s role in a sustainable supply chain.
by Kevin Chen | July 24, 2017

Narrowing the Technology Gap

Color sorting technology is increasing the quality of coffee in the Yunnan province of China.
by Tim Heinze | June 21, 2017

A Worthy Starting Point

Looking to micro-lot coffees as a way to fight poverty.
by David Planer | May 31, 2017

F1 Hybrid Scores 90 Points at Cup of Excellence

New coffee variety scores 90 points in Nicaragua Cup of Excellence competition.
by Fresh Cup Staff | May 24, 2017

The Premature Aging of Coffee

The complicated variables facing the future of coffee quality.
by Josue Morales | April 20, 2017