Reports from Ethiopia—Part Four

An update from Deribe Wubayehu’s coffee farm in Ethiopia.
by Emily McIntyre | February 3, 2017

Reports from Ethiopia—Part Three

Emily McIntyre checks in from the Aregash Lodge in southern Ethiopia.
by Emily McIntyre | January 27, 2017

Reports from Ethiopia—Part Two

Emily McIntyre delivers her second blog entry from Ethiopia.
by Emily McIntyre | January 20, 2017

Emily McIntyre Reports from Ethiopia

Emily McIntyre checks in from Ethiopia, where she's working to help progress Ethiopia's coffee industry.
by Emily McIntyre | January 10, 2017

Costa Rica’s Café Culture Evolution

The quality of coffee consumed in Costa Rica is catching up to the diverse, flavorful coffees it exports as brewing methods and café culture evolve.
by Ketti Wilhelm | December 26, 2016

Motorcycle Cafés

At the junction of roaring engines and hand-poured latte art is an inviting space for exploration, community, and learning.
by Ellie Bradley | December 19, 2016

Portland Roasting Coffee @ PDX

Portland Roasting Coffee recently opened two new locations in the terminals of Portland International Airport.
by Ellie Bradley | December 6, 2016