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Dr. Timothy Schilling in Rwanda. Photo Source: World Coffee Research

[W]orld Coffee Research (WCR) announced that founder and CEO Dr. Timothy Schilling is stepping down from his executive role at the organization. In his seven years of leadership, Schilling has overseen the WCR grow from a single employee with $1 million in start-up funding to a team of 32 employees across 13 countries with an annual operating budget of $5.3 million. Schilling will remain as director of WCR to aid in finding his successor and complete a smooth transition.

“This essential organization needs to grow to realize its mission of growing, protecting, and enhancing supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it,” says Michael Keown, CEO of Farmer Brothers and chair of the WCR board of directors. “It’s the right time to bring in a CEO with expertise as an institution builder. We are so grateful to Tim for the visionary leadership he showed in building WCR, and we couldn’t be happier that he will be staying with the organization as founder and director.”

The board of directors of WCR has officially launched a search for a new chief executive officer.

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