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[W]hile the U.S. government might still be debating the legitimacy of climate change, one business that encapsulates red-blooded American capitalism is doubling down on its sustainability program “as part of our efforts to protect coffee from the adverse effects of climate change.” McDonald’s and its coffee chain brand, McCafé, have announced new efforts to sustainably source from and preserve coffee origins.

In 2014, the chain announced a commitment to source 100 percent of its coffee from sustainable sources by 2020. McDonald’s recently released a progress update on its Sustainability Improvement Platform that 84 percent of its coffee being served in the U.S. and 54 percent of its global coffee supply is now coming from sustainable sources. The golden arches have been working with organizations such as Conservation International, Rainforest Alliance, Solidaridad, COSA, and Fair Trade International to make the necessary supply chain changes.

Part of those changes includes educating farmers who currently supply them on sustainable practices. McDonald’s has worked with TechnoServe and the Sustainable Commodities Assistance Network to educate farmers at origin and develop a formal training curriculum.

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