The Café in the Lobby

How boutique hotels can find and build successful partnerships with specialty cafés.
by Kristine Hansen | September 20, 2022

Café Crawl: A Guide to Scottsdale, Arizona Coffee Shops and Culture

Several noteworthy cafés are putting Scottsdale’s coffee scene on the map.
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Café Crawl: Honolulu, Hawaii

Wondering if you can find some decent coffee during your summer getaway? Honolulu, Hawaii, offers an array of options from glam cafés in Waikiki Beach resorts to casual locals’ spots in Diamond Head.
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Bearded Heart Coffee

Until recently, the sleepy town in Northern Door County had little to offer for dining and drink, but over the last few years it has morphed into a foodie destination.
by Kristine Hansen | December 27, 2017

El Salvador in Wisconsin

World Barista Champion Alejandro Mendez's path to Wisconsin began more than twenty years ago.
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Coffee in Detroit

Detroit's blooming coffee scene brings encouragement to the community and even incubates new businesses.
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