For the Love of Levers

Although most coffee shops elect to use modern espresso machines, some opt for an old-school approach to crafting the perfect beverage. 
by Rachel Northrop | July 12, 2022

No One Way To Be Sustainable: On Becoming A Carbon-Responsible Business

Individual coffee roasting and café companies can take responsibility for the carbon footprint of their operations and supply chains — here's how.
by Rachel Northrop | May 18, 2022

Holiday Gift Guide

Treats for professional tasters
by Rachel Northrop | November 20, 2019

The Barista League Rethinks the Coffee Competition

Envision a middle ground where coffee competitions can be interesting, inclusive, quirky, and all-around good times, while still celebrating technical skills.
by Rachel Northrop | May 2, 2018

Logistics & Warehousing

How importers and exports manage risk and finance the coffee while it is in transit.
by Rachel Northrop | August 8, 2017

Cross Canada Coffee Swap

Connecting with other communities through concurrent tasting events.
by Rachel Northrop | July 13, 2017

Inside Digital Espresso Machines

Technological advances have turned espresso into data-driven science.
by Rachel Northrop | April 18, 2017

Online Green Coffee Sourcing

Online communications have reshaped the landscape for buying and selling green coffee.
by Rachel Northrop | February 20, 2017

Industry Pros Gather at MANE

MANE Coffee Conference plays host to hundreds of attendees in Providence.
by Rachel Northrop | December 7, 2016

Fighting Faulty Equipment

Depulping is necessary in washed processing, but damage in this stage threatens coffee's value.
by Rachel Northrop | November 2, 2016