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Second place winner Johel Monge (left) from Finca El Cedro. Photos courtesy of Cup of Excellence

The 13th Costa Rica Cup of Excellence set two new records: the average price per pound record was set at $21.71 (breaking the previous record of $21.69 set in 2018), while all 26 lots up for sale received prices above $14/lb. This is the fourth consecutive auction through the Alliance for Coffee Excellence with record-breaking results, with winning producers pleased with the results.

Third place winners from Don Cayito.

“It is really exciting to see when two companies are fighting for your coffee during the auction, even though you can only see codes, it’s very humbling and at the same time makes you proud of what we do every day,” says Johel Monge, Finca El Cedro, who placed second. Monge’s honey process Typica scored 90.14 points by the international jury, earning one of the two Presidential Awards in the competition.

Winning producer Josue Bonilla (left) with Don Héctor Bonilla.

The winning lot was from farm Don Mayo, by producer Josue Bonilla Solís, who received a total of $54,365.71 for his 90.27 scoring honey process gesha. His lot was split into two sublots for the auction, with Lot 1b receiving $70.10/lb, the highest price paid in the auction.

To learn more, visit the Alliance for Coffee Excellence website.

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