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The cellar at Felix Roasting Co.

[W]hile walking through the front door of Felix Roasting Co. might feel like stepping through the looking glass into a café wonderland, strolling down the stairs into the Felix Cellar is akin to stumbling upon the Mad Hatter’s fantastical tea coffee party.

The experimental café opened back in September of 2018 in Manhattan, featuring the striking yet whimsical designs of Ken Fulk and over-the-top menu items such as the Hickory-Smoked S’mores Latte. Over the last nine months, the Felix Cellar has undergone additional renovations to become an even more opulent and grand space for the team to utilize as a multi-sensory tasting space that harkens to the cavernous yet inviting cellars of Italy or Napa. Now completed, the space features vaulted ceilings, antique mirrors, and handmade copper gilded bricks. The Cellar has been developed into a memorable space to hold cuppings, latte competitions, workshops, and events for up to 50 guests.

In addition to opening the Cellar, Felix also announced a number of seasonal summer menu items including a matcha tonic, deconstructed espresso tonic, honeycomb latte with lavender and rosemary, passionfruit and hibiscus shrub with bay leaf, and a house-made oat milk option. Visitors are also now able to purchase bags of the company’s whole bean roasts sourced with seasonality and peak potency in mind.

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