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Grand Paradé staff hands out coffee with signs of appreciation to medical staff at UCSF Children’s Hospital Oakland. Photo courtesy of Grand Paradé .

Grand Paradé Coffee is a Black-owned, woman-owned, and sustainably focused coffee importer and roaster founded by Kavi Bailey, a Kenyan native and ex-Wall Street Portfolio Manager. Bailey started the company to empower coffee farmers and communities in a tangible and equitable way. 

The team from Grand Paradé prepared with coffee and snacks for medical staff at UCSF Children’s Hospital Oakland. Photo courtesy of Grand Paradé .

In light of COVID-19, the company has delivered freshly roasted coffee to medical staff and family centers of the UCSF Children’s Hospital Oakland, and plans to deliver to Sutter Hospitals in northern California. 

“As the world grapples with an issue of enormous scale and human impact, we are dedicated to serving communities through the lens of humanity: to inspire and empower global communities,” says Bailey. “We believe that by coming together we can help overcome this unprecedented challenge.”

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