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What would happen if Hogwarts had a satellite location in Downtown Los Angeles? Nimbus Coffee is not only a contemporary café, catering to its consumers with delicious drinks and plenty of Instagrammable designs, but a life-sized shrine to all things wizarding, witchy, and whimsical from the Harry Potter universe. From a wand wall with the word “levizzle” lit up in neon (shorthand for the spell Wingardium Leviosa), to a ten-foot-tall front page of “The Daily Tea” complete with moving pictures, Nimbus Coffee finds magical moments to tie into J.K. Rowling’s iconic universe without being a sanctioned Potter café. It likely helps that the two founders, mother-daughter team Shawn and Eviana Farrar, are both lawyers themselves, keeping the café from overtly violating any copyright laws.

The menu contains a mix of muggle-friendly and magical items for guests to sip on while taking in the mischievous atmosphere. Strawberry Veritas, Blueberry Polyjuice, and Watermelon Wesley’s are all “giggle waters” composed of house-made fruit compotes and sparkling water. A full espresso menu and pastries are also available for purchase.

The doors to Nimbus opened on June 18, but a grand opening celebration is slated for July 20.

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