Oregon Coffee Board Announces Scholarships for U.S. Coffee Champs


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[T]he Oregon Coffee Board is offering scholarships to the U.S. Coffee Championship Qualifiers, taking place December 7–8 in Sumner, Washington, January 11–12 in Nashville, Tennessee, and February 22–23 in Orange County, California. The scholarship includes entry fee, travel, food and beverage stipend, mentors, and more.

There will be a live competition for the Barista and Brewers Cup championships on Saturday, October 19, at Portland Roasting Coffee (340 SE 7th Ave, Portland, Oregon). Signups for this event will open on September 15.

For Cup Tasters, Coffee in Good Spirits, and Roasters, scholarships will be awarded based upon applicants’ essay submissions, with the first round of submissions due by 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, September 15. Essay questions can be found at the Oregon Coffee Board website.

The top three finalists for each category will be notified by September 30, with the winners of all categories announced at the live competition in October. All applicants must be a member or employed by an OCB member company. Visit the OCB website for more information.

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