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Torani_BaconSyrupMorning Do

OK, maybe it’s not quite the same as a plate of something fried and delicious, but Torani’s Bacon Syrup brings palate-teasing fun to any hot or cold beverage. A bacon latte is sure to turn heads—or add grade-A maple syrup and dub it the maple-bacon donut, Voodoo style.

PiegonToe_VotiveTable Craft

Pigeon Toe’s heirloom-inspired ceramics infuse individuality into any setting. These hand-thrown, egg-like votives are each unique in an off-kilter way, and in hues like fig, yolk, and petal they bring vibrant illumination to evening hours.

Yama_BeamHeaterBeam Me Up

The polished brass and black gloss Yama Beam Heater has the presence of an interstellar module—not surprising considering it uses the power of light to brew coffee. A 350-watt halogen bulb heats a siphon at a range of temperatures for accurate, artistic brewing. Aesthetic points aside, the recently revamped version is more durable, longer lasting, and UL certified for safety. www.espressoparts.com

Libbys_ZombieGlasswarePouring Kohi

After reading Peter Giuliano’s article on Japanese iced coffee on page 38, you’ll probably be itching to serve your own version of the popular chilled drink, and you’ll want the right glassware. According to Peter, chimney or zombie glasses are the typical vessel for sipping aizu kohi in Japanese cafes. Libbey’s zombie glasses are simple and classic.

Cafetto_TevoMaxGreen Clean

Sourcing organic coffee is admirable, but what about cleaning up sustainably, too? Cafetto’s Tevo Maxi Tablets are the first espresso machine cleaning tablet to be certified by an organic body for use in organic systems. Drop two tablets into the machine’s boiler or soak group heads and filters, without wondering about chemical residue.

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