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Press Coffee’s Head Roaster, Will Andrews. Photo: Press Coffee 

[S]ince 2008, Press Coffee has served the Arizona community award-winning coffees based on the pillars of quality, craft, and community. Eleven years and eight cafés later, the homegrown business is opening a flagship roastery and café that will continue to support its original mission for years to come. The new 5,600-square-foot, two-level roastery will feature three Probat roasters, eco-friendly solar panels, a spacious lounge where guests can view the roasting process in action, and a private event space perfect for holding classes. Expanded food and drink options will also be available at the new flagship Press location, including beer, wine, and the “adult” cold brew shaker featuring peanut butter whiskey. The current Press roastery will be converted into a cold brew facility to support the company’s growing to-go cold brew segment.

While no specific date has been announced yet, Press plans on opening the flagship location in mid-July. The company will sell $1 drip coffees for three days following the opening, with 100 percent of the profits donated to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

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