Oregon Chai Founder Utilizes All-Natural Expertise to Launch New Beverage Company

Heather Howitt, one of the industry leaders credited for popularizing chai in the United States, is back in the beverage game. This time she’s utilizing her know-how for natural, high-quality ingredients and applying those…
by Fresh Cup Staff | August 28, 2019

All Eyes on Chai

Coffeehouses are adding this popular Indian tea and spice blend to complement coffee offerings. From user-friendly pre-made mixes to custom-crafted blends and concentrates, the chai's the limit.
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Third-Wave Chai

Creating chai with special attention to ingredients and quality products.
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Chai Bar

San Fransisco's Chai Bar by David Rio.
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Café Outfitter: Chai

Four ways to bring the heat to your café.
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All About Chai

An expansive take on the spiced drink.
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Split Sip: The Lamb’s Wool

A two-part recipe plays with tradition in Nashville.
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Recipes for warming fall concoctions.
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