Kenya Tea Farmers Face Drought

News coming out of Kenya this week describes a dismal scene for the world’s largest producing country of black tea.
by Fresh Cup Staff | April 24, 2019

Numi Organic Tea Foundation Receives $75,000 Donation

The Numi Foundation, created by Numi Organic Tea, Inc., received a $75,000 donation to support three key programs that help children and farmers all over the world.
by Fresh Cup Staff | March 26, 2019

Tea Lounge Adds Infusion of Bohemia to East Michigan

In a sleepy East Michigan town, best known as Dow Chemical’s world headquarters, a former Chemical Bank branch is now home to a decidedly more free-spirited venture.
by Fresh Cup Staff | February 13, 2019

Century-Old Hong Kong Tea House Forced to Close

One of Hong Kong’s best-known tea houses is living out its final days in the most expensive city in the world.
by Fresh Cup Staff | February 13, 2019

UC Davis Global Tea Initiative Wants to Bust Myths About Tea and Health

More often than not, the purported health benefits of tea lack scientific evidence, stirring controversy. The Global Tea Initiative (GTI) for the Study of Tea Culture and Science of the University of California, Davis…
by Anna Mariani | January 30, 2019

Twice the Tea Tech

Los Angeles-area tea café Percolate just doubled its business by opening a second state-of-the-art shop on Hollywood’s Melrose Avenue this past weekend.
by Fresh Cup Staff | January 15, 2019

Mul-tea-disciplinary Talks

Learn about cutting-edge research surrounding tea consumption at the Global Tea Initiative’s 4th Annual Colloquium on January 24 at the UC Davis Conference Center in Davis, California.
by Fresh Cup Staff | January 9, 2019

Ceramic Artist Offers a Different Take on Teatime

Seattle Art Museum's new exhibit, "Taking Tea."
by Barbara Lloyd McMichael | December 26, 2018

Cheese Tea in St. Louis

The Taiwanese cheese tea trend continues its march toward world domination with the opening of Cube Tea Studio in St. Louis, Missouri.
by Fresh Cup Staff | October 24, 2018

US Skips Tea in Tariffs

Tea managed to stay off the list for this round of tariffs against China—but there’s a good chance it won't escape forever.
by Fresh Cup Staff | October 3, 2018