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[L]earn about cutting-edge research surrounding tea consumption at the Global Tea Initiative’s 4th Annual Colloquium on January 24 at the UC Davis Conference Center in Davis, California. The Global Tea Initiative brings the UC Davis’ premier research in agriculture, health science, humanities, and social science to the tea industry. The Initiative’s free annual colloquium provides the perfect opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research into the health benefits and culture surrounding tea from experts around the globe.

Speakers for this year’s event include: Ryo Iwamoto from Japan, speaking on the revival of traditional tea culture; Dr. Ping Chung Leung from Hong Kong, speaking on his developing research on Chinese medicine based on modern clinical science requirements; Rona Tison, executive vice president of ITO EN North America, speaking on the matcha marketplace; Dr. Yu-Jui Yvonne Wan, professor and vice chair for research at UC Davis Medical Center Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Justin Trout, the co-founder and COO of Health-Ade Kombucha; Dr. Weronica Ek, an immunology, genetics, and pathology researcher at Uppsala University, Sweden; Wing-chi Ip, the owner and director of LockChaTeahouse in Hong Kong, speaking on tea and health from the perspective of a teashop owner, tea ware designer, and tea master.

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