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[N]o matter how much customers love your café, it’s nice to have an option for tea at home. By offering a selection of pots, presses, and gadgets in-store, you can curate an exceptional experience for the home.


2) Tea Press
ESPRO takes press-pot brewing to new heights with the Press P5. Full-immersion brewing promotes even extraction, while a patented double micro-filter automatically forms an air-lock during brewing, keeping any over-extracted liquid from sneaking back into the vessel. For tea lovers, this means extraction that stops precisely and resteeping that’s easy and mess free. The P5 features thicker glass than traditional press models, keeping tea hotter longer.


3) Steeping Mug
The Tea Spot created a convenient steeping mug that allows you to steep, sip, resteep, and sip some more. A large infuser sits inside the handcrafted, porcelain mug, giving loose tea leaves all the room they need to unfurl and release their full flavor and aroma into the brew. The lid keeps tea hot during infusion, doubling as a saucer when you’re done steeping. The steeping mug is dishwasher-safe and comes in a variety of color accents.


1) Brewing Basket
The Finum brewing basket combines great design and technology. Constructed with stainless steel and high-quality, BPA-free plastic, the delicate mesh filter is ideal for loose leaf tea, optimizing water flow while keeping leaf particles contained. A plastic lid retains heat during brewing, then serves as a convenient drip-off tray once the brew is complete. The baskets are sized for single- or multi-cup brewing, and can be ordered in four colors: black, blue, green, and red.


4) Digital Scale
A scale is an essential tool for anyone building their supply of tea-brewing equipment. Grosche offers the best of form and function with the Zweissen Aprilia digital scale. The stainless steel surface wards off finger prints and features an easy-to-read LCD screen and soft-touch buttons that give a nice click. Users can switch between metric and imperial units; the slim design has a capacity of up to eleven pounds.


5) Loose-Leaf Infuser
Offer customers an elegant cup of tea with the pyramid-shaped infuser from Tea Forté. Made of stainless steel, the Icon loose-leaf infuser has an easily removable silicon base. To steep, remove the base, fill the pyramid with loose tea, and replace the silicon cap. This geometric infuser offers aesthetic appeal for use in the café and at home. The infuser sits easily into cups and teapots, and can be paired with teawares designed specifically to accommodate its shape.


6) Travel Mug and Infuser
Looking for a mobile option? The Marino travel infuser from Grosche makes it easy to steep on-the-go. Unscrew the bottom and put loose-leaf tea directly into the strainer, then fill the bottle with hot water. Made of borosilicate, heat-resistant glass, the Marino travel bottle can withstand boiling water temperatures. A carrying loop and a gripped sleeve make the bottle easy to carry, even when it’s piping hot. Choose from red, black, or gray accents.


7) Matcha Set
Many tea lovers are drawn to the ceremony of steeping tea leaves. Offer customers the tools to conduct formal tea preparations at home with retail selections like this ceremonial matcha set from the Art of Tea. The set includes a 100-tine whisk, a bamboo scoop, and a ceremonial matcha bowl. Matcha reveals a broad range of flavors when fully whisked; the scoop, or chashaku, is the traditional tool used to measure and transfer matcha into the mixing bowl.


8) Teapot and Infuser
Tea for two? Tea Forté’s Pugg teapot simplifies multi-cup brewing with a stainless steel infusing basket that fits snugly into the mouth of the teapot. Choose from designs like spring grass, poppy fields, and cherry blossom—or pick from solid hues like orchid white or pistachio. The teapot lid unclips for easy cleaning; the Pugg is dishwasher-safe and steeps twenty-four ounces of tea.

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