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Well, it’s that time of year. The time when we scour the internet for deals, try desperately to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones, and hope your grandmother saved the receipt on that itchy sweater she bought you this year.  

While we can’t help you out of most end-of-year gift-give dilemmas, we at Fresh Cup can aid you in finding an impeccably impressive present for all types of coffee lovers in your life: the super industry fiends, the at-home tinkerers, and the folks who just want to drink something caffeinated and hot. 

We asked our global team of writers, editors, and designers to suggest some of their go-to gifts this holiday season. Perhaps we’re a little late—best check the last day of shipping to guarantee a selection will arrive before presents are exchanged—but here’s the Official Fresh Cup Gift Guide for 2022. 

Quintal Coffee Subscription 
$20 per month for 10-ounce, whole-bean coffee

I’ve generally shied away from coffee subscriptions. Few offer substantial benefits that outweigh the sense of discovery I feel when looking over retail bags at a local cafe. Quintal Coffee, however, does it for me. The company is based in Miami and delivers coffee grown and roasted in Central and South America monthly. There’s only one release per month; if you miss it, you miss it. The short-term availability and the fact that the beans are roasted by some of Latin America’s most respected roasters make this a fantastic subscription for a coffee lover or professional who craves something new and exciting. — Garrett Oden

Hugo Tea Board 

I may just be highlighting the tea board, but I could genuinely recommend the wares from Hugo Tea all day. They’re not only beautiful, but all of the wares also have so much thought and intention put into each one. My recommendation for a complete tea set would be the tea board (linked above), the boli mini, and the gaiwan for a traditional Gong Fu Cha-style tea service. The Hugo Tea website also has a bunch of resources to help folks start brewing tea and hosts a wide range of information about each tea and its origin. I have always been a fan of this company’s attention to detail, and it has a lot to offer in terms of a gorgeous and useful holiday gift. — Mar Childers

The Grind Control from Breville

I believe that, if properly prepared, a batch brewer can offer you excellent quality coffee, especially during a busy work day when you don’t have the time to brew manually but still want to enjoy your favorite beans. The details on the Breville are outstanding, like the thermal jug that keeps coffee warm without burning it. And this machine can do everything—from grinding to brewing according to whatever parameters you set, which puts The Grind Control on a whole other level! — Maria Jose Parra

The NanoFoamer V2

The NanoFoamer V2 by Subminimal is ideal for the coffee lover in your life who wants to make cafe-quality milk foam at home. I found it easy to use and clean, and it produces excellent microfoam. With practice, you can even make latte art—it comes with a free Latte Art Master Class, which is a sweet add-on! — Vasileia Fanarioti

The OXO 8-Cup Brewer

I’ve adored OXO products since I wrote a love letter to their mini measuring cups a few years ago. Unlike many coffee machine makers, who sometimes add on features without understanding what makes a great cup of coffee, the OXO 8-Cup Brewer strips away all the bells and whistles. Its features, like a basket insert for smaller batches and a well-designed insulated carafe, make it an ideal brewer for all coffee drinkers. — Ashley Rodriguez

Third Wave Water Class Profile Packets
$17 for a pack of 12

Your morning cup of coffee is more than 98% water, so it follows that the water you use significantly impacts your coffee’s taste profile. Third Wave Water mineral supplements are formulated to include the perfect amount of calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate to ensure you get the most out of coffee. It’s super easy, too—just add to distilled water. — Michael Butterworth

A Donation to Go Fund Bean or Color of Coffee Collective
Any amount! 

When I look at the specialty coffee industry, I am encouraged to see dedicated people working hard to close inequity gaps within this professional space. Two organizations that I see at the forefront of these movements are Go Fund Bean and The Color of Coffee Collective. Go Fund Bean is an organization built to defend, uplift, and support hourly wage coffee workers. Through monthly grants, mentorship, and mental health initiatives, Go Fund Bean fills a gap by advocating for hourly wage workers who have historically been neglected. 

The Color of Coffee Collective is an initiative to challenge the specialty coffee industry to make equitable decisions across the supply chain. They hosted their first annual symposium earlier in 2022 dedicated to education, professional development, and staying open and honest about the future of coffee through the lens of racial equity. Both organizations are pushing the industry forward and would be worthy causes to support this holiday season (and beyond!) — Mar Childers

The Big Dipper Spoon in Gold
Sliding scale: $6.50 – $9.50

It’s a classic for a reason! Umeshiso cupping spoons continue to delight and inspire me beyond the cupping room, and they show up in almost every photo shoot I stage for an article I’m writing. This spoon is objectively The Best Spoon, as declared by Bon Appetit last year because it’s fun, big, and perfect for anything from soup eating to coffee slurping anything. I’m also personally touched by Umeshiso’s dedication to making coffee tools accessible to all with a sliding-scale payment option and their care for the coffee community at large by regularly showcasing art and work by coffee folks. If a spoon isn’t your jam, there are tons of other goodies on the site. — Ashley Rodriguez

Timemore Black Mirror Basic Plus Brewing Scale

I’ve used this Timemore precision brew scale at home and several coffee pop-ups in the past year. I can’t recommend it enough! Features I love include a built-in weight-triggered timer, a fast weight reading to the tenth decimal place, and a rechargeable battery with a long life. With an intuitive, user-friendly design and a relatively affordable price, this is the perfect coffee gift for those looking to upgrade their brew scale without breaking the bank. — Mikey Rinaldo

It’s American Press

My wife and I spent ~15 months traveling internationally and working remotely a few years ago (back when I first wrote for Fresh Cup!). It’s American Press (yes, that’s the product’s name—their website jokes that “IT’S NOT FRENCH PRESS, IT’S AMERICAN PRESS™) fueled our journey. It allowed us to brew 14-15 ounces per brewing session, we didn’t have to travel with extra filters, the brewer was insanely durable, and it’s not much bigger than the Aeropress. It’s American Press feels like my coffee gear secret. — Garrett Oden

Please let us know if you purchase any of these products for the holidays, and we can’t wait to see what you brew up in 2023!

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Ashley Rodriguez is the managing editor at Fresh Cup. She served as the online editor of Barista Magazine from 2016-2019 and is an award-winning beer writer and podcaster. She hosts a podcast called Boss Barista and writes an accompanying newsletter about coffee and service work.

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