Fresh Reads: A Conversation With Edward Fischer of Making Better Coffee

We talk to the anthropology professor about his latest book, which explores the history of coffee in Guatemala to dissect how value is determined and created.
by Ashley Rodriguez | March 17, 2023

Fresh Finds: The Stagg EKG Pro Studio

We got our hands on the Pro Studio from Fellow, and here’s what we think. 
by Ashley Rodriguez | March 3, 2023

The Color of Coffee Collective Hosts Its Second Annual Symposium

The Color of Coffee Symposium, taking place in Houston from March 10-12, fosters community and equity across the coffee supply chain.
by Ashley Rodriguez | February 28, 2023

Coffee Wage Survey Gives A Detailed Look At How Workers Are Paid

The results of Go Fund Bean’s wage survey are in, illuminating the realities of working behind the bar.
by Ashley Rodriguez | February 15, 2023

Support Earthquake Relief Efforts With Etkin Coffee

On Monday, parts of Turkey and Syria were hit with one of the region’s most devastating earthquakes: this week, Etkin Coffee will donate all profits to earthquake relief efforts.
by Ashley Rodriguez | February 9, 2023

Help Cajal Rutti Compete With An Interpreter

Competitors at the United States Coffee Championships are responsible for interpreters at their sole expense: here's how you can help.
by Ashley Rodriguez | February 8, 2023

Fresh Finds: A Review of the Spinn Brewer

Our review of the Spinn brewer breaks down which coffee drinks shine on the innovative new brewer.
by Ashley Rodriguez | January 20, 2023

The Barista League Plans For Its Biggest Year Yet

The international coffee competition has big plans for 2023!
by Ashley Rodriguez | January 11, 2023

The Best of Fresh Cup 2022

Our favorite Fresh Cup stories of 2022.
by Ashley Rodriguez | December 30, 2022

The 2022 Fresh Cup Gift Guide

We asked our global team of writers, editors, and designers to suggest some of their go-to gifts this holiday season.
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