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We’re proud to announce the release of the Fresh Cup Library, a new resource center for coffee professionals and business owners. 

In the course of our regular reporting, there are times when we wish we could offer more practical, hands-on direction. When appropriate, we want to make it as easy as possible for readers to turn insight into action, to take the insights from an article and implement them immediately. It can be difficult to read an article and decipher how to integrate tips and best practices—some information can be better captured through an editable Google Doc template, a spreadsheet, a webinar recording, a well-designed report, or some other resource. 

An example of this is Anne Mercer’s article, How To Write A Great Barista Job Description. The piece has so much practical information and impactful ideas from various industry leaders, but we wanted to take things a step further. We thought, “What’s the best way to make sure someone who reads this article can put the lessons of the piece into action immediately?” The answer we came up with was to make a template containing the learnings of the article—and that’s what we did. We released the template (which you can access here) in tandem with the piece and were floored by the highly positive responses we got from readers. 

The Fresh Cup Library exists to provide resources to anyone that needs them. All our templates are free to use and customize. Right now, there are three documents available:

We’re excited to release more resources, including some with the help of Fresh Cup sponsors. At Fresh Cup, we’re big fans of clarity and clear expectations, and we hope our library helps leaders build sustainable systems within their spaces. We also want to hear from you about what would be most helpful and interesting in your context and career. Tell us what you’re looking for here, and in the meantime, click around and stay tuned for more! 

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Garrett Oden

Garrett Oden is the owner of Fresh Cup, a coffee industry publication for professionals, and Alimentous Studio, a content and copywriting agency for coffee, F&B, and food tech businesses.

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