Five Minutes With: Karla Mancio, Red Bay Coffee

First-time Golden Bean attendee Karla Mancio, head roaster at Red Bay Coffee, sat down with Fresh Cup to discuss her background in the industry, her Golden Bean experience, and why representation matters.
by Caitlin Carter | October 2, 2019

Better for the Planet

Recent trends in the café industry reflect a sweeping move towards a more sustainable, plant-based future.
by Caitlin Carter | September 4, 2019

Food Allergen Safety in the Café

Thirty-two million Americans have a food allergy. That means on any given day, you’re bound to serve a customer who may have a life-threatening allergy to milk, soy, nuts, gluten, or other standard fare…
by Caitlin Carter | July 16, 2019

Behind the Bar: Hidden House Coffee Roasters

Hidden House’s Santa Ana location builds upon owner Ben Briggs’ dream of having a mom-and-pop café that caters to its community.
by Caitlin Carter | June 26, 2019

All Means All: Body Activists Seek to Disrupt Bias in Hospitality Industry

Portland’s Nossa Familia Coffee recently hosted an event centered on body size diversity, equity, and inclusion in the hospitality industry.
by Caitlin Carter | May 15, 2019

Do You Know? Part 2: Chad Trewick & Peter W. Roberts

Following a successful workshop with producers in Guatemala and speaking appearances at the 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston, Trewick and Roberts continue to share their thoughts on the Guide and the future of…
by Caitlin Carter | May 8, 2019

The Coffeehouse Resistance

On April 9, Sarina Prabasi, co-founder of celebrated Brooklyn-based café Buunni Coffee, releases her debut book, The Coffeehouse Resistance: Brewing Hope in Desperate Times.
by Caitlin Carter | April 3, 2019

Do You Know? Chad Trewick & Peter W. Roberts

Guiding the Conversation on the Coffee Price Crisis
by Caitlin Carter | April 2, 2019

Substance Matched by Style

Felix Roasting Co.’s combination of vibrant opulence, cozy comfort, and a carefully designed coffee program makes it a jewel of a café in New York’s specialty coffee community.
by Caitlin Carter | December 26, 2018

Brewing Democracy

Cafés Seek to Increase Voter Turnout with New Campaigns
by Caitlin Carter | October 31, 2018