The Joys and Burdens of Old Roasters

What to know before retrofitting a roaster.
by Emily McIntyre | January 5, 2023

Tea Latte Esteem: Why Tea Lattes Might Be The Next Great Coffee Drink

Tea lattes can offer a primer into more complex flavors.
by Emily McIntyre | November 1, 2022

Coffee Marketing, Part 3: Building Out Your Coffee Brand

Achieve success with your new coffee business by intentionally creating your brand.
by Emily McIntyre | December 21, 2020

Coffee Marketing, Part 2

Emily McIntyre of Catalyst Coffee Consulting continues her Coffee Marketing series with Part 2: More Offers = More Sales
by Emily McIntyre | December 14, 2020

Coffee Marketing, Part 1

After more than a decade selling coffee, Emily McIntyre is teaching others how to do it for themselves. In May of 2020, she created a simple system to sell coffee: “5 Steps to Actually…
by Emily McIntyre | December 14, 2020

Guilder » PDX

Returning profit to origin and increasing accountability throughout the supply chain.
by Emily McIntyre | June 30, 2017

Reports from Ethiopia—Part Nine

Emily McIntyre reflects on her time in Ethiopia as she settles back into life in the US.
by Emily McIntyre | March 11, 2017

Reports from Ethiopia—Part Eight

The final installment of Emily McIntyre's reports from the field. This time: cupping at origin.
by Emily McIntyre | March 3, 2017

Reports from Ethiopia—Part Seven

Semalo Pride Mill sits deep within the countryside of Ethiopia's Yirgacheffe region.
by Emily McIntyre | February 27, 2017

Reports from Ethiopia—Part Six

The comforts of home might not be as far away as you think.
by Emily McIntyre | February 17, 2017