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There’s a smartphone app for everything these days. There’s an app to keep you from drunk dialing, an app that speaks to cats, and an app rating public restrooms. Naturally there are dozens of coffee apps out there. Innovative apps are another way retailers and coffee drinkers are connecting with their brews. Here are a few of our favorites:

Up Coffee
Rate how caffeinated you are by inputting weight, gender, height, and the size and style of your drink of choice. Up Coffee will break down the science for you and graph your caffeine intake day to day.

The Mincher App
Offering precise control of four brews at once, as well as recipe recording and sharing, this app connects seamlessly to one of the industry’s most beloved toys—the Steampunk brewer.

After success in Tel Aviv, this app offers a bevy of beverage subscription plans for dozens of NYC coffee shops. More regions to come.

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