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[A]s the specialty coffee movement spreads across the US, customers benefit from the increased availability of not only great coffee, but beautifully designed spaces to drink it in. With so many cafés boasting cutting-edge architecture and design, it’s only right that a stunning photo display of these spaces be compiled into a book perfect for, well, your coffee table.

Coffee Culture: hot coffee + cool spaces celebrates the concept of space extending beyond the four walls of a shop. United by a common appreciation of coffee, these cafés interweave architecture, design, and historic preservation into their interiors. Flipping through the pages, you’ll find shops situated in historic buildings, an arcade, an art museum, a former loading dock, and a reclaimed shipping container. From coast to coast, the thirty-three featured shops put their unique personality on full display in stunning photo spreads, giving a glimpse into seating areas, bar layouts, retail displays, roasting facilities, menus, and facades.


The book was compiled by Robert Schneider, who provides an introduction and overview to the featured shops. The front material also includes concept drawings for some of the spaces, offering a unique opportunity to view a selection of the coffee shops in their development phase. The spaces themselves were photographed by a group of photographers, and include businesses in Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Ann Arbor, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn.

Plan out your next coffee crawl, drool over your dream shops, or simply spend a moment appreciating the creativity and talent on display in each café. Coffee Culture: hot coffee + cool spaces is available for purchase at

Ellie Bradley is Fresh Cup‘s associate editor.

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