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The Coffee Innovation Summit, a new event created by Barista Hustle’s Matt Perger and coffee expert Scott Rao, is on hiatus after it was announced there was a conflict with the acronym choice of “CIS.” 

“Cis” is used as a shortened version of the word “cisgender,” referring to “of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity corresponds with the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth,” according to Merriam-Webster. 

An Instagram post on the event’s page posted on February 9 states:

Unfortunately, our choice of name, given its acronym ‘CIS,’ cast a shadow on the event and ourselves. The name made some in marginalized communities feel unwelcome, and placed intolerable strain on our speakers by association. This was not our intention, and we’re sorry. We’ve decided to put the event on pause to decide how to move forward in the most inclusive and professional way possible.”

The event was set to take place at SCA Expo in April in Portland, Oregon, and at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo in Australia in May. At this time, the website says the events are postponed until further notice and to stay up-to-date on the event’s Instagram.

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