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Photograph by James A. Rodriguez. © 2015 Fair Trade USA.

[F]air Trade USA announced a bevy of new partnerships to improve the livelihoods of coffee farmers around the globe as part of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge.

One of the largest commitments comes from Target: By 2022, the national retailer plans to source 100 percent of its house brand from certified sustainable sources that meet Fair Trade USA’s economic and environmental standards. Additionally, Chartwells Higher Ed will serve Fair Trade coffee at all 280 universities where the company operates. UCLA committed to serving 100 percent Fair Trade coffee and will increase its on-campus education to showcase its efforts. Bon Appétit Management Company, which operates restaurant services in a variety of companies across 34 states, committed to sourcing third-party-certified farmers (including Fair Trade producers), or through its Farm to Fork network of small, local, owner-operated roasters. Finally, Atlas Coffee Importers and the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council have both promised new educational programs for employees and network partners alike.

“We are humbled by and deeply grateful for the commitment brands are taking in support of coffee-growing communities at a time when farmers need it most,” said Ben Zwerling Baltrushes, vice president of coffee at Fair Trade USA. “In order to ensure the future of coffee, we must come together to create a sustainable market for the hard-working farmers that make it possible.”

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