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[I]t’s that time of year when the frequency of customers asking for gift cards multiplies at an alarming rate. Gift cards are a great option year round, but having something unique to offer your customers—to enjoy in-house, or to purchase as a gift—can boost retail sales and make your shop a priority stop during the busy holiday season.



Holy Kakow is a favorite in many shops for their simple ingredient list and depth of flavor. Give your customers a limited-time treat with flavors like Merry Mint and Pumpkin Spice. You can lean on classics like the pumpkin spice latte, or take a page out of Cody Kirkland’s book (page 32), and dream up creative concoctions to dazzle your customers.



Offering a special-label coffee generates excitement about your offerings, whether you roast it yourself or partner with your supplier. Find happy tidings with a holiday roast, or feature a single-origin for the winter months. Allegro Coffee Company opted for the latter, releasing a limited-edition Panama Esmeralda 1500 Gesha through the end of the year.




Your baristas might pour a great rosetta, but latte art can be limited in design. The Ripple Maker uses patented technology to lay text and images into milk foam. Choose from a library of designs, upload your logo, create a quirky holiday design, or let customers load their own images for printing.



Bitters are a simple way to introduce new flavors to your existing menu—add them to a coffee cocktail, or use them to top a craft soda. These orange bitters from the Bitter Truth give a strong dose of marmalade on the nose, followed by a cacophony of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg.




If your beverage menu is set and offering a special roast isn’t an option, the holiday season is always a great time to boost your merchandise game. Four Barrel launched a line of killer merchandise in time for the shopping season, including the Skeleclaus mug, a delightful twist on their year-round line of mugs. Don’t feel confined to a holiday theme—just offering new items will attract attention to your retail shelves.




Make holiday shopping easy for your customers by putting together a brewing kit, like those offered by Verve Coffee Roasters. Bundling offerings from your retail shelves makes an enticing package for customers seeking gifts for the coffee lover in their life. Brewing packages also offer an opportunity to educate customers on proper brewing techniques, ensuring they take every step to brew the perfect cup of your coffee at home.




A warm cup of coffee keeps fingers warm in cooling winter temperatures. Why not offer customers a clever way to warm their toes, too? Kaldi’s Coffee Roasters rolled out these coffee-themed socks as part of their winter retail offerings. Kaldi’s says, “We all know that coffee rocks, which is why we have coffee socks.”

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