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[W]hat if your grinder could produce a uniform particle size–no boulders or fines? Well, so far that grinder doesn’t exist. But the new Kruve Sifter can help you achieve grind uniformity, every time you brew.

Kruve uses a tiered sifting system to solve the problem of uneven grind size. Two tiers and up to twelve interchangeable sieve provide up to sixty-six possible grind sizes. The tool is simple to use—just pour in the grinds and shake to separate out the grinds that are too large or too small.

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The Kruve Sifter also allows users to get much more specific than fine, medium, and coarse. Each sieve is defined by particle size measurement, providing micron-level precision. A brew guide provides recommended particle sizes for each brew method, giving a starting point for getting favorite recipes dialed in.

“Many have tried to perfect the grinder, but we perfected the grind,” said Kruve co-founder Mark Vecchiarelli in a recent press release.

The coffee sifter is not meant to replace a poor grinder, but to enhance even the best grinders on the market. It has also been employed as a calibration tool in kitchens and coffee shops around the world.

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