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[D]oors to The Los Angeles Coffee Festival open in two weeks. To add to the excitement of the impending caffeine celebration, the Festival has announced its headliners. Discover the speakers, workshops, baristas, chefs, and roasters below, and start planning your ultimate experience!

If you haven’t already, buy your tickets now to guarantee entry, and invite your friends.

The Lab
Boost Your Knowledge
Always wanted to know what it takes to make the leap from barista to coffee shop owner? International coffee legend, Barista Dritan Alsela, is taking to our Lab stage to tell all. Learn about The New Rules of Coffee with Jordan Michelman and Zac Carlsen of Sprudge, as they talk about their new, best-selling book. Plus, Counter Culture will talk colonialism in coffee, and Seven Miles Coffee Roasters will tackle sustainability head-on. The Lab is our talks area—a space to engage and amp up your coffee knowledge.

The Tasting Room
Enhance Your Flavor Experience
Running in tandem with The Lab program, The Tasting Room is a space of flavor discovery. Join masterclasses and interactive workshops in this intimate and dynamic space, and try some of the most interesting products in coffee, tea, and cocktails. Enhance your flavor recognition and sensory experience with coffee tastings like Bar Nine’s Panama Geisha session, learn to make the ultimate cocktails with Grey Goose, and take a matcha lesson with Art of Tea.

The Kitchen
Serve It Up
Join Los Angeles’ top chefs at The Kitchen, never before seen on The Coffee Festival circuit. This live demo space is where the stars of L.A.’s cooking scene will cook up their coolest concepts right in front of you. Take your seat to learn from the chefs behind brands such as Triniti and Pollen, and watch them work their magic and ask them questions as they cook. Plus, stop by for Devocion’s session, where they’ll be marrying the worlds of fine dining and world-class coffee.

Latte Art Live
You Dream It, They’ll Pour It
You’ve seen them on Instagram, and now they are at work right in front of you. Phoenix, rosetta, or swan—you name it, the legends will pour it. MC’d by the legendary Eden-Marie Abramowicz, Latte Art Live will feature the world’s best baristas, from Dritan Alsela to Jai Lott (Bluestone Lane), Barista Dee, James Davalos (Point Five), and Andrew Sinclair (Mad Lab). Plus, every evening, Coffee Mixologists will take over Latte Art Live, to mix up incredible coffee-based cocktails, freestyle.


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