New Product: Monin’s 2024 Flavor of the Year is Ube–With a Twist


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Move over mocha syrup; 2024 is the year of the purple yam.

Monin is one of the top producers of gourmet flavorings in the United States, and this year, they introduced Ube Syrup as their 2024 Flavor of the Year. Ube is a purple yam originating from the Philippines, and cafés across the globe are using it in everything from lattes and smoothies to milk teas and pastries. Customers are clearly intrigued: discussion about ube on social media has grown over 12% in the last year, according to Tastewise, a food data insights platform. 

Monin Ube Syrup is earthy and sweet, blended with notes of fig, vanilla, and cinnamon for a global twist on the classic flavor. Made without artificial colors or ingredients, its vivid color infuses hot and cold beverages with unique, eye-catching shades of purple.

We spoke with Michael Moberly, Beverage Innovation Manager at Monin, to learn more about the emergence of this popular flavor in specialty beverages.

Every year, Monin announces a new Flavor of the Year. Passion fruit in 2022. Hot Honey in 2023. What made ube the clear winner for 2024?

Over the year, our team of flavor experts and consumer insights specialists analyze qualitative and quantitative research to identify emerging flavors and the most influential food and beverage trends. We selected ube as the 2024 Flavor of the Year because it’s delicious, exciting, and poised for explosive growth. 

The flavor has been popular in the Philippines and Southeast Asia for years, and ube growth is predicted to outperform 88% of all other foods, beverages, and ingredients over the next four years, according to Datassential. We’ve also seen interest in global fusion flavors continue to grow. Monin Ube Syrup combines the yam’s nutty, earthy taste with notes of fig, vanilla, and cinnamon for an unexpected yet delightful blend.

What are some ways coffee shops can use Ube Syrup? 

Ube Syrup is a highly versatile flavor, and its applications in food and beverages are endless. For coffee, it elevates everything from hot lattes to cold brews. In lemonades, iced teas, and refreshers, it can add a striking pop of purple and craveable savory-sweet notes that will keep customers coming back for more. Ube Syrup is also delicious in culinary creations, especially savory sauces or flavored cream cheese. 

Do you have a personal favorite ube-flavored drink?

Currently, it’s a Ube Flat White. When paired with equal parts espresso and steamed milk, Monin Ube Syrup lends a warm, pastry-like quality that is an instant mood booster.

How can coffee shops introduce Monin Ube Syrup to customers who’ve never tasted the flavor of ube before?

Ube is rapidly gaining popularity in bakeries and cafés for its vibrant hue and nutty, vanilla-like taste—and Monin Ube Syrup offers additional fruit and spice notes for a truly one-of-a-kind flavor experience. The best way to introduce it to customers is to serve it in simple applications like iced lattes, teas, or lemonade. For added flair, get creative with a colorful cold foam or whipped cream, showcasing the allure and versatility of this exceptional flavor.

Sponsored by Monin Americas

Monin is the preferred flavor and syrup supplier for thousands of coffee shops, restaurants, and bars in North America. 

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